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Babies and Astronauts!

Hello all! I’m back from a quick overnight trip to Ottawa. We went to visit my new baby great-niece (yikes, that kinda made me feel old, writing that!) She is adorable! Why is it that we always forget how SMALL newborns are? Of course, my boys were bigger when they were born, bigger than she is now at 4 weeks! My niece is doing well, after a very long 30 hrs. of labour! Mine were long too. That’s the other thing about visiting new babies, I always remember my own pain! Everyone told me that I would forget about all that when the baby was born…yada yada ya! No way. I remember every sordid detail! lol

We also took the boys to the Science and technology museum and spent alot of time looking at the space exhibits. Everything in that museum is hands on, lots of buttons to push and things to manipulate. Lots of fun. My youngest boy just loves anything to do with outer space, stars, planets, and astronauts.   We took a flight simulation ride where the seats move along with the 3d movie, so you feel like you are really in the space shuttle.  My 6 yr old was looking nervous through much of it, but my 3 yr old was sitting calmly with his hands in his lap and a look of wonder on his face the whole time! He is already planning his first space mission!  We bought them each a toy at the gift shop and they played space shuttle adventures for hours when we got home. They both have wonderful imaginations and it’s so fun to watch them play. Then again, I’m often playing with them, because they always want me to! I thought after I had a second child they would play together and let me off the hook. I was wrong. It’s not the first time either! 🙂

I’ll have two cards to post tomorrow, but I’m totally zonked right now. It’s almost 2am! I better get to bed.

Please come by and have a peek later tomorrow!

Have a great night/morning!


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