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Post-it Purse Notes

Is your fridge door anything like mine? If it is, then it’s pretty much covered in photos, children’s artwork and notes! I always need to have a note pad on the fridge, or I am forever hunting for what seems like a scarce commodity: paper! Come on! I make cards! I have paper coming out of my ears…just not the right kind in the right place all the time. Anyway, I wanted to make a magnetic post-it note holder that might actually be pretty on the fridge.

Here’s how:

1. I started with two square (4X4 inch) chipboard coasters. Measuring from 1/4 inch in from the top side of your coaster, line your ruler on an angle to the bottom outer edge of the coaster, and cut this angle away with your craft knife. You are simply making the top slightly narrower than the bottom. Do the same with the second coaster.

2.I used the negative embossing technique with my cuttlebug to get the background colour. The embossing was done on a 5 1/4″X4″ piece of blush coloured Bazzill card stock. I have complete details for this technique HERE.

3 . Using the shaped coaster cut the same shape from the embossed paper. Adhere this to the coaster. You can do the same for the back side, or leave the back plain. You may want to finish the back if you want it for a desk top instead of using it as a magnet. It can stand on its own when completed. You may also choose to add a lining paper or stamp the inside of the purse at this point. My coasters were white so I left them white this time.

4. Using the leftover scrap of the embossed piece, cut out the top piece for the purse. Round the bottom corners and adhere a strip of complimentary coloured card stock to the bottom. Give it a decorative edge. I used Fiskar’s scissors for this. You can add an embellishment in the center, like a brad or a flower or ribbon etc. Adhere finished piece to the top of the purse front. Round the corners of the purse panels.

4. To colour the raised part of the embossing, I used chalks with sponge daubers. For more on Chalking see HERE .

6. Using an eyelet setter or CROP A DILE (We R Memory Keepers) punch and set your 4 eyelets to both panels of the purse. They should be approximately 1/4 ” from the top and 1/2 ” in from the sides. Attach the ribbon handle with tacky tape to the backside of the front panel of the purse. Then tie two shorter pieces through the front and the back and knot at the front to hold the two panels together. Allow enough ribbon give between the two panels to accommodate the size of the post-it note pad that will be inside.

7. Flip open and tacky tape the back of the post-it note pad to the inside bottom panel of the purse. Add a magnet to the back of the note-purse.


The post-it note pad can easily be replaced once used up.



  1. Colleen S. says

    I am always looking for cute give-aways with my website orders and these fit the bill just find. Great way to use my scraps too. Thank you !


  2. nikki schmaltz says

    Could you show a picture of the inside. I guess I must be slow but I’m not understading exactly how the ribbon and sticky tape doesn’t show. Also, does the purse front flip up hidged from the eyelets to get to the post its. Sorry I am so dense.


  3. Thanks so much for sharing your instructions Deena! These will be great to make for my church fair!


  4. Very cute==nice tutorial, I am always looking for something new to do with postits! I will have to give this a try!


  5. Hey You!! I’ve seen your fridge and I gotta say, this will pretty it up big time!!! lol! Make one for me please!!

    It is so pretty Deena. I always knew you were talented, this purse just made it known even more!


  6. OMGosh, Deena, this totally rocks! I am SO CASing it, girl..and don’t worry, you get all the credit you deserve, hehe! I am with ya, my fridge could use a pretties makeover and this is just the place to start! These would also make cute little gifts or doorprizes, how cooL! Thanks for popping in on my blog–and I can’t believe I’ve been missing yours either! It’s full of inspiration and I’ll be addding you to my blog list as well! ~Hugs and happy stamping~


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