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Cake and Coffee Anyone?

Good morning! Anyone up for some Cake and Coffee? Well before I serve up the cake and coffee I have to do a bit of complaining 😦

I’m cooold this morning! It is a rainy dreary day and my furnace seems to have decided that it had a long hard winter and is throwing in the towel! Thank goodness it didn’t decide this a few weeks earlier, or I would really be chattering my teeth! I hate being cold!! Gas Met says they won’t be able to come until tomorrow. Between 7am and 12pm!! Way to narrow it down guys! I only really have to leave the house once tomorrow, to pick up my son from school…so of course, that’s when they’ll come! This is one of my pet peeves. I do not like waiting around for repair people to show up! So, I am now drinking LOTS of HOT coffee and trying to look on the bright side. Really I’m trying.

Cake cheers me up…how about you?

The cake is a case of a Slice of Cake Card by Susan Neal in Paper Crafts magazine. I thought it was such a fun card! It included a pattern, but I did not make this one quite the same way. I made my own template and I took photos of the steps I used to make it, if you want to try one yourself! The coffee mug is my own design/template. You can see that I like big mugs for my coffee! I had previously made a different style mug that I posted on SCS, with the same stir stick sentiment idea. When you pull it out it says …the perfect blend!

Su Paper- fall flowers, Stamps- My Favorite Things- Hot Stuff, SU- Friendship Blooms

Here’s How:

Step 1. Cut a rectangular piece from a chocolate colored card stock measuring 3 1/2″ X 10 1/2″. Score lines at 3 1/2″ and at 7″.

Step 2. Score lengthwise 3/4″ in from side. Only score the outer sections NOT the middle section. So, score from 0 to 3 1/2″ and then from 7″ to 10 1/2″.

Step 3. Cut away the rectangular end pieces created by the scoring.

Step 4. Round the left corner of the raised edge. My corner rounder was too small to use here. To get a nice rounded corner, Use a Toonie or, if you’re not Canadian, try to find a circle a bit larger than a quarter. 🙂 Now cut on an angle using a straight ruler, from the curve to the right to meet the top of scored line. See step 5 photo.

Step 5. Fold left side in first, then right side over to the left. I find folding it this way gives it a nice pointed edge to the slice, with the fatter part of the cake to the left.

Now decorate it in yummy colors and glitter or sparkle and add a candle to the inside panel. I used dp to decorate both folds on the outside. Line the inside panel with a piece of white paper to write your sentiment on. I used a Sakura Stardust pen on the tip of the candle and Stickles for the icing.

Enjoy your cake and coffee!

I made these a while ago, but could not post them until I had given them to my Sis for her birthday! I didn’t want her to see them!

As always, if you have a question or a comment, I’m all ears! (or eyes in this case) 🙂

Have a great Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by!



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  1. Oh, I take the coffee and the sweet cake! Thank you! hihihi

    This is gorgeous!!! I have never see a cake card! This is a great idea and so wonderful! I would like to copy it so that I can make up it!


  2. How cute is this! I love it! That cake card takes the cake…haha I’m so funny! Great tutorial…love it!


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