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Shout Out to SheetLoad!

I’m so excited about this free monthly online card magazine! I may have had my head in the sand, but I had never heard of Sheet Load of cards before today! Here is a link to their blog spot SHEETLOAD OF CARDS. They have April’s Issue out and May’s issue is ready to view online too! You really should go have a look because they have a new sketch, and many different card samples using that sketch, including one from guest artist Kurtis Amundson A.K.A Stamping Kub!

Have a peek at April’s issue. It features stamps and papers from Stampin’ Up! You can view it with Acrobat Reader.

If you like it too, shout it out! You could win a pretty Bella prize!

Now for a card I made today!

A bouquet For You!

First, I have to say how wonderful my friends over at SCS are!

I was having a pretty bad day. I have horrible allergies and some days, even though I am on a 24/7 drug at this time of year, for it, I still feel like crap. My head spins and my hands shake!! I really wanted to do the Featured Stamper challenge and I chose a pretty card to case and went ahead and did it. But I was feeling so bad that it took me far longer than it should have, and I really didn’t think I liked it when I was finished! I posted it anyway explaining how I felt. This is where the wonderful girls over at SCS come in. I had many wonderful comments on my card, but what was really nice was how they all wished me well and hoped that I felt better! Reading their comments really did make me feel better! And after a while I went back and looked at my card again, and decided that it was better than I originally gave myself credit for. So, now I have the courage to post it here too. It also makes me realize how a simple comment can affect a person. I always leave a comment on a card that inspires me. I always give an honest opinion about it. And, I remember what our Mother’s always said: If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything! If asked, I only give constructive input. I always want to encourage anyone to be creative! And I have found that creative types do need encouragement! šŸ˜‰

Thanks to all my friends on SCS and all my new friends visiting my blog!

Have a creative day!



  1. Deena, it is really the inked up cuttlebug background and your colouring is wonderful! Glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better. Sending you more get better wishes!


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