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Enjoy the Journey!

The SBS 18 Challenge for this week is flying! So I incorporated this challenge with the WT challenge on SCS which was (loosely interpreted) as travel!

“Enjoy the Journey” can be interpreted in different ways…take time to enjoy the journey of your life , appreciate the adventure you are about to embark upon, or simply, enjoy the trip! Well, as I made this card, it started me thinking that I need to remind myself to do all of these!

I am about to ramble on… you may want to stop here. 🙂

I worry about a million little things. Things that in the ‘big picture’ amount to nothing. I am missing out on what I really should be involved in at the moment. Every now and then, I have to pull myself back and analyze what it is I am getting myself all worked up over. Take time to breathe. Remind myself to lighten up!

I sometimes feel like I don’t enjoy things as much as I should, because I am always too busy planning, preparing, organizing, managing, and trying to remember all the important things for not only myself, but my husband, and my kids. I get so overwhelmed by times! I get so stressed and the stress stems from worry…worrying about things I have no control over! All this worry paralyzes me, and prevents me from doing things today that I’m worried about not having or not being able to do tomorrow! Duh! What am I doing to myself!?

I need to remind myself of something I once said to my friend… We have to anchor ourselves in the day. Not constantly look over my shoulder at what was, nor look too far ahead at what could be. I need to focus on what is today. I must say; when I do that, I have a lot less to worry about, and a lot to enjoy!

By appreciating what I have today, I can relax and enjoy the journey to tomorrow.

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  1. Deena,

    Love your card. It is very masculine. I could always use more masculine cards. Did you get my email with my addy? I sent it last night??


  2. Love your card, great colors and idea!

    Wow, I know how you feel about worry, used to do that all the time, still do, but not as much : ) My Dad really helped me with learning how to enjoy your life and not let too many things bring you down.

    Women, in my opinion, have a harder time because we are usually doing so much, and have more people to worry about (pets count too, I love our two kitties, like having little ones around again)


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