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A Happy Day!

Hello everyone!!

The birthday bash for the kids went very well on Saturday! We had a gorgeous hot day. Both my boys had an awesome day with their Nannie, cousins, Aunts and Uncles, family friends, and us of course! I was a little worried on Saturday morning because my youngest did not seem to be over the virus he had this week, but by the afternoon he was his happy sweet self! Thank goodness!! His actual birthday is TODAY! Happy Birthday  Sweetie!

The yard was decorated with balloons and they ate lots of fun food that they had picked for the party and some extra treats that I picked for them. They each had their own decorated cake; Transformers, and Lightning McQueen, which they loved the look of, but really didn’t eat much of! 🙂 Happily everyone else did eat them!

The kids kept cool in the sprinkler, since it was over 30 degrees! HOT! I managed to keep my cool too and I wasn’t stressed! We had a good day.

My Mother in Law leaves early tomorrow morning. We’ve enjoyed her visit and the boy’s will miss her when she is gone! But we will be seeing her in a few weeks again for a wedding in British Columbia, so they will have that to look forward to.

I am looking forward to stamping again!! It has been a few days and I am having serious withdrawal symptoms!! 🙂 What will I do when I’m on vacation, If I can’t even go without for a few days?? Yikes!  I will have to shop instead…yup my other expensive hobby !  🙂

I hope to have some cards to share tomorrow! So, please stop by again and thanks for coming by today!

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  1. you cracked me up with your last line – we really do deserve each other! Glad to hear everyone (esp. you) survived the party without being sick!!!! and that the weather was good for it too!


  2. The vacation thing sure does get expensive. It’s fun to go shop and since it’s vacation time you think you deserve a little extra and buy too much…


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