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I’m Happy to be Home!

Hello! I’m home from our holiday in British Columbia. Ten days went by so quickly, as it always seems to when you’re on vacation right?

We had planned this trip for my nephew’s wedding which was on Saturday. It was the hottest day of the week; a melting 36 degrees celcius. My boys were in tuxedos for several hours at this outdoor event! My littlest pretty near got heat stroke and I had to go get him from the bridal party in the middle of the ceremony! It was not too formal an affair thank goodness! There was no doubt that I had to go up there and even the Mother of the Bride encouraged me to go get him. We all thought he was going to fall backwards into the pond! Yikes! I’m actually surprised that no one did! He was fine after I brought him out of the blazing sun, got him to drink a tall glass of cool water and used an ice cube at the base of his neck to cool him down.  The rest of the day was quite nice and the meal was fabulous.  Everyone was boasting about Alberta beef and they aren’t wrong! 🙂  I’ve never had better roast beef!

Our nephew seems very happy and that was wonderful to see! We were happy to be there for him.

We drove from Kelowna B.C to Vancouver on Sunday, and we were on our flight home this morning at 8am. All went well, except for one small glitch; when we went to get the car that we had parked in the airport lot, the battery was dead.  Yaaaa….just what you need at the end of a long flight with two young kids in tow!   CAA came quickly though, and all was well after that.

B.C is beautiful, the bits of it that I got to see anyway. 🙂 The mountains are incredible! I had to laugh though when my nephew’s new wife referred to the mountains in the Vernon/ Kelowna area as hills! She and my nephew live in Calgary so they are used to what they call “real” mountains! Well, hills or mountains, all I know is that my blood pressure rose on our drive up to the cottage we were staying in. The road was one winding twisting narrow path up the side of the mountain, with rock avalanche warnings on the driver’s side and a sheer cliff drop on the passenger side! Even the people that worked at the resort say they hate to drive that road! Of course, they advertise it as a beautiful scenic drive! Which I guess it is to those with less fear of heights than I have!

The few times I bravely peeked out of one eye, I have to admit it was breathtaking!! 🙂

Glad to be home though! It will be good to sink into my own bed tonight!

It was so fun to come back to all your great comments while I was away.  I’m glad you enjoyed the posts that I had scheduled while I was gone.

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  1. Diane (Miss Apple) says

    Hello Deena,

    I am happy that you had a nice trip in BC. I hope we will talk soon.

    Welcome home!



  2. Glad you are back home safe and sound and had a great trip! I laughed at your story about driving down the road with one eye open! We have a road like that in our neck of the woods! Charles Kuralt even called it the most scenic road in America. It is a bit hairy at points!!! So, I feel your pain! LOL!


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