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A Pretties Party Challenge

The second card I made during the Paper Pretties Release party on Friday night…

I had fun with this one! I intended it as a birthday party invite, as the challenge was to do something for a party.  Not sure who will use it though…since I have two boys!!

You should come to the party too, next time!  It was fun, and we all did what we love to do (chat and make cards) 😉 and you can go shopping too! hehehe.  Speaking of which, I did a lot of shopping lately…and I’m expecting lots of goodies in my mailbox anytime now!!  Can’t wait!   I went to Walmart yesterday and was thrilled to see that they just got in a beautiful new line of Martha Stewart ‘Create’ !  It’s new to us here in Quebec anyway.   I bought papers, glitter, glue and some great dual tip dye ink markers!! FUN!!  But now I’m poor… oh well.  I’m sure I’ll survive to spend another day!  🙂

I’ve also noticed that I am getting closer to that fabulous number…20,000!!! Wow!! I can hardly believe I’ve had that many hits! Soooo….I feel like celebrating again!! I Have to thank all my kind & wonderful blogging friends and readers … you know what that means right?! Well, maybe I’ll make you all work a little for it though! 😉  Are you all up for a challenge?  I really hope you are, and I hope all my silent readers will come out and send me a holler! I really do love to hear what you have to say, and it gives me a chance to get to know you a little!

I think that this time around, I will give those of you who subscribe to my blog, double the chance to win!

Watch for the challenge and the candy…I’ll be posting it soon!

Have a fabulous day everyone!

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  1. hey deena, thanks for the comments on my blog lately. Yeah I should know better about sunning myself really and most definitely I will be slapping on the SPF when I leave these shores! I’ve added your candy challenge to my list, even though you haven’t posted it yet! Congrats on the hits! 20000 wow! Am not even near 2000 yet! 🙂


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