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Back To School Blues

My boys both started school this morning, one in grade 2 and the other in preschool.  I was quite sad about it yesterday, not looking forward to the routine, and not liking the idea that my little one will now seemingly need me less! Ha! I know that’s silly, of course he still needs me, maybe even more so when exposed to the ‘real world’.  But still, I guess I am just being a “mom” and worrying about the future, wondering how I will keep those doors of communication open, when i am not there to see and hear and be a part of every little thing that goes on in my children’s lives.  Also, I have to face the fact that they are not babies anymore, and that does make me sad.  Even though I do look forward to seeing how they will change and grow at the different stages of their lives, I will miss that special time (as exhausting as it was) when they were babies in my arms.

O.k enough of this, or I will not be able to continue with this post.

I made a slider box for my youngest to keep some new pencil crayons in etc.  and gave it to him along with a card last night before bed.  If you recall, I had made my oldest boy a mini covered notebook a few posts back, and I gave that to him last night as well. Both were very happy and I got big kisses and hugs, so I’m so glad that I made them!

I left the red panel blank in this photo, but I later added his name on it in black ink.   The flip top has a magnetic snap attached.

If you have any questions about this project, or would like to see a photo tutorial on it, let me know.  my first post ever featured these slider boxes, and a written “how to”, in a pdf file you can find in my tutorials section.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. It’s beautiful, Deena, a very lovely idea! I also love to do things like this, thanks for the inspiration!
    Have a nice day, hugs, Alina


  2. deena… 🙂
    this is cute 🙂
    did you give this the teachers?
    i always wonder.. in my school they do not do things like this (parents) the school asks all the time for money lol..

    how were your kids first day? went well?


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