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A Cuttlebug Christmas

I’m back!!  I’m hoping I beat this flu bug that went around our house this week!  My boys are pretty much over it, and luckily my husband didn’t catch it at all.  I had a busy week, and with my friend visiting from Toronto, and sick boys at home, there was not much time for stamping!

I did manage to get this done just before the worst of it hit us.  It’s a simple one layer, cuttlebug embossed Christmas card.  I have had a few questions about how I’ve made some of my cuttlebug cards…so I thought I’d share this card and a few photos.  I hope this helps clear up any questions and inspires your own cuttlebug embossed cards!

Unfortunately, I won’t have time to post anything new in the next couple of days, as it is Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend! I will be a bit busy, urmmm, eating!! 😉   So I hope you all enjoy today’s post and see you back here Monday!

The main question I’ve had is how to get that top part of the card embossed (on a top folded card). It may not be obvious, but it is not difficult, so have a look below!

A standard 4.25 x 5.5 will fit just nicely through the cuttlebug.  The embossing folder slips in from the side, over the face of the card with the card open flat. I make sure the embossing folder is up just high enough to meet the crease, so I get a nice clean edge of embossing at the very top when the card is folded.

I only turn the handle until the part of the card I want embossed is a third of the way through, stop, and turn the handle in reverse to get it back out.  You may want to do a trial run with scrap paper to get the feel of where you will want to stop, depending on how much of the top portion you want embossed.

I am sometimes left with a slight half formed imprint, which is easy to take care of.  I use a flat round edge to gently smooth it out.  It doesn’t take much pressure to “erase” the impression.

For a really clean edge and a stylish look too, I use my Scor-Pal to emboss a line just under the cuttled embossing.  I find it just gives it a nice finish!

For this particular card, I went on to add the embossed squares using my 2X2 folders.  I started with the middle square to get the centering right.  Then I stamped the snowflake circles in Sterling pigment ink, added silver embossing powder and heat set it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tutorial with the cuttlebug!  These types of cards are so fun and the possibilities are endless with all the varieties of embossing folders available!   Be creative and have fun!!

You can see more of my cuttlebug cards HERE and HERE, AND to see ALL of my cuttlebug embossed cards in one place look HERE.

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Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Oh wow, thanks Deena, I had no clue how to emboss only a bit of the top part of a card……thanks for sharing……


  2. Annabelle says

    I found them!!!!!
    My friend got them in Halifax, N.S…..she also got the circles for me!..can’t wait for them to arrive by mail.
    Thank you!


  3. Annabelle says

    Deena, I’ve looked everwhere for a 2 by 2 square embossing folder…even Michaels!….any suggestions where I might get one online?


  4. Annabelle says

    Thanks Deena!…I appreciate you allowing me to ask you these things!…can’t wait to start!!!!


  5. Deena says

    Hi Annabelle! Oh, you are going to love the cuttlebug!! If you want to practice the embossing like I’ve done for the cuttlebug Christmas card, you will need an embossing folder, (I used the Spots and Dots folder), your cuttlebug, A plate and B plates and some card stock. If you have a scoring tool, or Scor-Pal you can make the score lines too. The bottom portion of the card was made with a 2″ x 2″ square embossing folder, repeated three times across. You will need a stamp and ink of course to finish it off. I’ve also used silver embossing powder and a heat tool to emboss the stamped image. But it is not necessary to do this step. It will all depend on what tools and supplies you have. I hope this has answered your question, Annabelle. If you have any other scrapping/card questions feel free to ask again! Thanks for stopping by, Deena


  6. Annabelle says

    So, Deena…..I just put the cuttlebug away for myself at walmart….I’m new to scraping, but have supplies galour here that I’ve collected over the past 2 years…..desk set up to start, but what will I need to try to practice this card.


  7. Deena says

    Thanks so much! I’ve used the Spots and Dots Cuttlebug embossing folder from Provocraft for the upper embossing.


  8. Annabelle Dowe says

    Luv the card…..could I ask which was used for the top embossing?


  9. Laura T. says

    Thanks so much for creating this tutorial! I’ve been wondering how to emboss only part of a card since I got my Cuttlebug last August. Should be getting a ScorPal soon!


  10. Lovely card Deena and great tutorial, thanks for sharing with us. Hope your feeling better and happy thanksgiving for this weekend. Donna x


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