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Altered Canvas Wall Decoration

What a rainy dark day here! Yuck. I don’t mind rainy days, but the lack of light drags me down!  So I thought I’d focus on something light and airy like today’s altered canvas that I want to show you all!

I made this with some inspiration from a friend who was over the other day.  She brought over some molding paste and canvas, and off we went!!  What fun this was to do! I think I may have to explore this type of altered art further… I really enjoyed mucking around with the molding paste.

The paste went on first, one blob (very precise), and then spread with a credit card across the canvas.  This canvas is 8×8″.

Using a foam stamp, I stamped my background pattern, which in this case is a square pattern, randomly into the paste.  It helps if you lightly dampen the stamp first.  The paste is actually a bit too thick in some parts, as i noticed the stamped image is cleaner and sharper in thinner areas.

The hard part:  Letting it dry…well I used my hairdryer to help me out with this.  Yes, my hairdryer on a high heat, but low blow setting worked better than my heat tool!

After I ever so patiently waited for it to dry, 🙂 I was ready to add some color with acrylic paint.  I used a pale yellow and thinned it with water.  A foam brush spreads it very well across the molded paste.  I noticed that it spreads better with a thin wash.  I left some areas unpainted, and I splattered some teal here and there as well.  I sponged on teal around the edges, and sanded them when they were dry.

I freehand cut a piece of cheesecloth in the shape of a heart, and sprayed it with  a teal Tattered Angels glimmer mist.  Luckily this dries quickly! 😉  I sprayed another square with Daffodil glimmer mist.

To adhere the cheesecloth to the canvas, I placed the pieces where I wanted them, and then sprayed over them with spray adhesive.

The random words were stamped around the outer edges using Pallete Hybrid ink. I love adding words to any collage I make.  I LOVE words!! One simple word can say so much, you know?  I like small writing too.  Is that wierd?  Anyhoo…

I stamped the cup from Flourishes Coffee and Friends set on Crate Blue Hill dp. I Cut it out and adhered it to the right. Using Terrifically Tacky Tape I added the button and charms with embroidery thread, and added the primas to the mix.

I’m happy with how it turned out and it is already hanging up in my kitchen.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Have a creative day!!


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  1. Deena, It turned out beautiful. Love the collage thing, just too much of a perfectionist to try it. But the playing in the Paste thing I could do.


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