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Candy Candy Candy!!

My boys had a great Halloween!

They are on a sugar high from last night and probably won’t come down until sometime tomorrow!  Today is the one day a year I give them carte blanche on eating candy.  I actually don’t have to worry too much about my older one, since he never seems to go overboard~ he really is quite sensible, but my little one is coo-coo for candy!! I am a bit worried about how I will manage with him today! I may have to hide the loot! I must say they are very good about sharing with Mom and Dad though. Mmmmmm.  🙂 Yes I still have a sweet tooth! We had a lot of cute vampires and grim reapers, princesses and fairies and a few transformers, and ninjas too!

How was your Halloween? I hope all the little ones had fun collecting their candy! But what about all of you? Did you get any?  I think everyone should get a little candy…just because we grow up, doesn’t mean we stop enjoying the sweet things in life, right? 😉

Isn’t this a funny picture??? I laughed when I saw that crazed look in his eye!  He was really hamming it up!

I also have a Halloween card to share.  I made it for our Crafty Creations Blog Challenge.  Remember, anything goes, not just cards; jewelery, ATC’s, craft projects, multi media, we love it all!!  The theme was Halloween of course! There is still time to get in on the challenge too!  If you have a Halloween card or creation to share with us, that you’ve made since wednesday (the day we post the challenges) go on over and leave us a link! You may win some Halloween candy of your own that you won’t have to share with your kids! 🙂

Oh, and I almost forgot to add this picture of myself!


Thanks for stopping in…at your own risk!! 😉

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  1. Looks like you all had a fab time and your costumes are great yours is very scary 🙂
    I too had a great halloween but my camera has given up the ghost so to speak and i have no pics 😦
    Val xxx


  2. Deena you looked like you all had a great fright night!! I just love everyone’s costume…
    HAve a great week.


  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Glad to see you guys still go all out for Halloween! I was going down memory lane, and Cailin’s and A’s first Halloween – the timid bunny and the scary lion. Looks like the boys (and you two) had a wonderful time! Talk soon.


  4. Wow Deena, you’re truly great looking, lol!
    I promised myself I would have a smashing party next Halloween, no matter what happens (read all about what went wrong this year here.
    Glad you all had a great Halloween!
    Hugs from Belgium.


  5. Oh wow, looks like you all had a great time, love the photo’s, your a bit too scarey looking though lol. Have a good weekend. Donna x


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