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Glitter like you mean it!

Today’s technique challenge on SCS is to use tacky tape (red strip) and glitter to make your own background, or element, on your card.  This was a lot of fun!  I don’t use glitter often, but maybe I will after this.

I used two widths of tape and two shades of Martha Stewart Ocean glitter on Baja Breeze cs.


Want to try it too?

Just line up your strips of double sided tape, without taking the top protective layer off, until you have taped down the area of paper you want to glitter.  Make sure you have a scrap piece of paper under your work area to catch the glitter that you will shake off.

Pulling off one protective strip , cover it in glitter and use your finger to gently pat it down.  Then, tap the remaining glitter off your paper.  If you are using a different color of  glitter, tap the glitter that you caught on your scrap paper, back into the container.  Use a new scrap for the next color (unless you were able to shake it completely clean, which I find impossible with glitter!)

Repeat the process for each strip and color.  I find using a small paintbrush to wipe away glitter from areas on your card that you don’t want it, works well.  I clean up any lingering glitter on my work area with a baby wipe which I always have nearby,  since I use them to clean my rubber stamps.

I somehow managed to keep myself mostly glitter free, which is quite something, considering that it usually covers everything!!

Did you notice the lovely dp?? My sweet Mom gave me a few pads of paper for Christmas, along with some fun embellishments.   They are gorgeous!!!

Thanks Mom!!

Have a great day everyone, thanks for stopping by!


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  1. This is great. I have been wondering for about a week how I could attach Glitter. I just had not had time to look for a tutorial and here is the exact one I needed. Thanks so much. Linda Crowder


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