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An Interesting Question

I had an interesting question the other day from a reader, and it got me thinking.

The Question: How can I emboss in red on a black background, so that the red still shows up well?

The Answer: Well, since I had never tried to do this before, I had no idea!  🙂 But I love a challenge!

After thinking about it for a bit, I remembered something I used to do when I painted.   To get a dark/bright color to show up on black, I had learned to first paint a base coat of white, then paint over that  so the color would show up properly.   I decided to try that with the embossing.  So I did a little experimenting.   Below is the result.


I inked my stamp with white pigment ink and stamped it on the black card stock.   Then applied red tinsel embossing powder and heated it.  I noticed that I could still see some white, so I just sprinkled more red ep on top while the image was still warm from the first heating. Tapped off the powder and reheated. I did this process twice, and I was happy with the results.  To see the difference that the white base made,  (if any), I used the same stamp with Versamark ink and the same red embossing powder, on the same black card stock.

The result: The image without the white base did not look as red and was quite dark and unclear.  The white pigment based stamp came out looking red and clear.

This may not be news to some, but I figure if one or two of us didn’t know, then there must be others out there asking the same question.  So I wanted to share the results and hopefully help out a few of you who have wondered the same thing.

Thanks to <N> for the question!  It gave me a project and I learned a new technique as well.

Now that the piece was done, I had to use it on a card!  What do you think?  Red embossing on black looks kind of cool, doesn’t it?  I think so!

I think the white makes quite a difference, don’t you?  And here’s the card I made with the embossed piece!


Thanks so much for stopping by today!   See how you inspire me?!

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  1. Beautiful Creation! See, your painting still helps you out. Loved your paintings, sure wish you had time to still dabble in it.
    Remember when Des bought you an Easel and everything you needed?


  2. Hi I just came over from Ann’s blog. This experiment you did is amazing, not sure I would have tried the red on black at all until I saw your results with the white first. Thank you for information! The card turned out to be stunning, quite an effect!


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