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Photo Tag and A Lovely Award!


I have been tagged by a couple of blogging friends with this new photo tag!  I was to open my pictures file, go to the 6th file, and post the 6th photo and tell you all a bit about it.  Well this was fun , because you tend to forget the older pictures you have stored on your computer, and rarely revisit them.  This picture was taken Sept 30 2007 in our backyard.  The boys were having a blast playing in a pile of leaves we had just finished raking up.  I have a whole series of these shots and it brought me right back to that lovely day!!  So thanks to Jenny and Alina for tagging me with this!

I’d like to tag Denise , and  Bridgett with this one!

The next thing I’d like to share is this beautiful award that my sweet blogging friend Els, has given me. This really means so much to me.  I love the consideration and meaning behind this lovely award that originates from this site:

lotus-inspiration-award-from-els I am grateful for all the wonderful, inspirational friends I have made through blogging and crafting!  I appreciate the very real relationships that have budded and grown in the short year that I have been online.  I am encouraged and heartened at the kindness, generousity and inspiration that is cultivated, and spread through the word of blogs!!  For something that I had in the past thought was a very unsocial activity,  it has me socializing in a way that I had never thought possible!    Thank you Els!!

I would like to pass this on to all my blogging sisters of SBS18, because they are the best!!

I would also like to share this with these wonderful bloggers who in their own unique ways have inspired me, reached out to me with an encouraging word, or warmed my heart with their kindness and generosity!

Broceliane (Clotilde),Nessy, Rubber Maid (Pat Adam), Denise, Sharon, Julie K., Laura, Alina, Mel, Julie, Janine, Susan (Rainy) , Sara, ColleenAnn, Ali, Kathy

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!

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  1. Fabulous and adorable photo! They look like they’re having so much fun! Thanks for the award…how thoughtful and kind of you to think of me! Have a wonderful day!


  2. Deena, your are sooooooo sweet and thoughtful! Thank you for thinking of me in such a special way! Your kids are just the cutest~ great pic!! Hugs and Smiles~ Denise


  3. thankyou so much for thinking of me with an award!! ~very special indeed!!
    thanks for sharing the photo
    vanessa xx


  4. I love that picture of your kids!!!
    What a great award…your deserve it… 🙂
    Thanks for making my day…brought some tears to my eyes, it means alot to me!!!


  5. Very beautiful picture, Deena, nice how you have catched the leaves, thanks for sharing!
    I will try to make time for a tutorial, because you were the third person who asked me this!
    And thank you so much for the award, you made my day!
    Have a lovely weekend!


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