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A New Dress (100% Sweet)

I went shopping today for my boys.  Not fun really.  First of all they don’t like shopping.  Second of all, I don’t like shopping with them.

I needed them there though, to try on shoes.   It’s like pulling teeth just to get them to try on a pair too.  My oldest Son, who if you recall is only 7 has had a huge growth spurt in the last month!  I can’t keep up.  Maybe I could if there was as much of an assortment of clothes for boys as there is for girls though.  What’s up with that?  I have the hardest time finding a plain pair of blue pants for my son, while in the girls department I pass by 10 different styles!   Boys clothes are really boring.   It’s always the same thing.

Girls on the other hand have so much choice!  I see so many cute outfits, dresses, pants, skirts, shorts, capris, tops, sweaters and shoes!!  O.k, too much choice, you Moms of girls might say!   But really, would it be that much to ask to have a little more color, style and variety for boys?  Maybe.   I can’t help but stop and ooh and ahh over the cute little girl clothes, the sweet Easter dresses and the colorful Spring fabrics!   Can you tell that I am lamenting just a little, that I do not have a girl of my own to dress?

Well, when I got home I saw that today’s Inspiration Challenge was to make something inspired by littledaisydesigns handmade dresses.  I couldn’t resist taking it quite literally and making a dress shaped card!  This is the sweet  dress that I based my design on.   If you have any little girls of your own, I highly encourage you to go take a peek at her shop!

Here is the dress I made, and I thoroughly enjoyed my girly moment!!

img_8068-ic172-100-sweet-w-30 I drew my own template and used Raspberry Tart SU! papers to piece it together.  The 100% Sweet sentiment is stamped in Rose Red.  I used two Inque Boutique Stamp sets to put together the sentiment.   I wonder,  if I had a daughter to give this to, would she think it was sweet?  Or maybe, she’d be a tomboy and wrinkle her nose at it!

Have a creative day!  Thanks for stopping by, I love to hear your comments and answer any questions!


  1. You drew your own design!? I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler. My GD would LOVE this!! YOu are too talented for words!!


  2. This dress is 100% sweet. I love the shape & the papers & the way you did the sentiment as an apron. SOOOOOOh clever & cute! :O)


  3. Hi Deena,
    Just found your blog tonight and am sure enjoying all your great work, gf! Your little dress is too cute! Love that dp and you are so right about the choices for girls vs. boys! My DGS has just growth spurted and my DD has resorted to consignment shops because he’ll be in his new jeans a couple of months and then in a new size… and shoes…. he grew a whole size while he was here for 2 weeks! All of a sudden he couldn’t get his foot in his sneaker! LOL! His daddy is 6’3″ so I expect he’ll be tall…. already almost as tall as me! But you have found a great way to enjoy little girls things here and I love this dress! Too cute!


  4. I agree with you absolutely about the choice in girl’s clothing versus the choice in boy’s clothing. I went through the same thing with my boys who now are teenagers. (T-shirts and jeans are the rule today!)

    I created a page about little girl’s Easter dresses at Simple & Affordable Little Girls’ Easter Dresses For Spring & Summer. When I search for an equivalent type of page to create for little boys…I come up empty handed.



  5. So totally understand, sometimes it is just fun to walk through the little girl clothes isn’t it. Good thing I have nieces that need spoiling once in awhile! Love the little dress card, very girly and cute.


  6. It’s lovely, Deena, the paper is so beautiful, the colour combination is one of my favourite!
    I had a lot of fun reading about going shopping with your boys!
    Have a lovely Sunday!
    Hugs, Alina


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