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Magnetic Memory Game Travel Tin Tutorial


Magnetic memory game collage


1 tin
fun foam (self adhesive if available) cut into 24 one inch squares (most dollar stores carry this)
strong mini magnets
stamps (small images around 1″ ) 6 images for this size tin
adhesive (ultra sticky red line tape)

How To:

1. Measure your tin to see how many squares can fit.   A typical altoid tin can fit 2 rows of 3 in each the lid and the base, if the squares are cut to 1″.

2. I cut my self adhesive fun foam into 1″ squares.    The magnet is adhered with red line adhesive tape to the sticky side of one square.  Take another square and “sandwich” the magnet between the two squares leaving the second square’s sticky side out (for image adhesion) .  Repeat until you have finished all 12 two layered squares.

A NOTE :  The magnets I use are extremely strong.  In fact without the double layer of foam, they would have ripped off the back and stayed stuck to the tin.  That is why I sandwich them.   If you have small magnets that are not as strong you can adhere them to the back of one layer of foam with the stamped image on the other side.  You will see the magnet when it is on it’s flipped side, of course.

3. Cut 12 squares that you will stamp your images on.  You can stamp your images first if you have a one inch punch; it will be easy to punch them out after.  If you do not have a punch, I recommend cutting the squares out first, then stamping each square.  I do not have a 1″ punch (every other one but that one! lol) so I find this way easier than trying to cut around the images after they’re stamped.  Don’t forget you are stamping 2 of each image.  I stamped each pair of images in a different color.

4.  Adhere the stamped squares to the sticky  side of the  fun foam pieces.

5. Decorate the outside of the tin as you like!  I found that red line tape at the edges of the paper adhered well to the tin.  Glue peels away from the tin when dry. (at least the ones I’ve tried) Let me know if you find a glue that works.

Enjoy the project!

Questions? Just ask!

Have a creative day!!


  1. This looks gorgeous, Deena, thank you for the tutorial! I have to look for magnets, I’ve never used magnets before, so I don’t have them between my stuff!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Hugs, Alina


  2. Joanne Travis says

    This is a wonderful project!! Very clever and creative, I love it!


  3. Brat Cards says

    Hey there Deena!

    You know I’m always checking out your gallery! Now I’m leaving one of my randomly spaced comments so ya know I’m still here.

    This is an adorable craft. Great colors and tutorial. Let me know when you post the anti-bickering spray for the older kids in the backseat!


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