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Handmade Magnetic Closure Gift Boxes

These little gift boxes store flat!

IMG_8832 Flat Boxes w 30

I made these different sized boxes using the same folding format.  I wanted  some small gift boxes to have on hand, (I love boxes!)  but I wanted them to lay flat for more convenient storage.  This way I can make them ahead of  time and they take up very little space, as space is limited in my craft room.   What do think?  They are quite easy to make too!

Would you like a tutorial?

IMG_8741 Flattened box 30

Please let me know what you think! I will write up the tutorial (I already have the step by step pics taken) if there is an interest.  EDITED TO ADD: Here is the link for the TUTORIAL.

Have a great and creative day!!

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  1. Bonnie Williams says

    Would love the tutorial for the magnetic boxes…….yours are lovely. Thank you.


  2. susie taylor says

    Thanks so much for the tutorial site…it is awsome…i will be making lots of new goodies..


  3. Deena says

    Hi Susie, yes I wrote a tutorial for these and it’s in my TUTORIALS section here on my blog. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. susie taylor says

    I would love to have a tutorial on thes…Please let me know where i can find one. They are great. Thanks so much.


  5. Helen says

    I love box too. I don’t use them but I like to just learn how to make them incase I needed them someday. A tutorial would be appreciated.


  6. sopranoannie says

    I love boxes of all kinds and would love to see a tutorial on this one. Please publish it!



  7. Maggie says

    YES I would love to see a tutorial. They are so pretty.

    Thank you for sharing so many of your ideas with us.


  8. GailSK says

    I would love to see a tutorial. That would be great! These boxes are adorable. Thanks!


  9. Deena, these are fabulous and the idea of storing flat is just sensational!!! Wonderful design!!!


  10. penanink says

    Deena, Please share your talent with us. A tutorial would be wonderful! Thanks for such a great blog.


  11. Carol says

    That is a great idea. If you are willing, I would love a tutorial! Thanks for sharing:)


  12. hai
    oooh love this and would like to see the tutorial too!
    I also love boxes they are so much fun to give
    they are a great birthday present when somebody want money or a coupon
    hugs syl


  13. Oh, Deena, they are beautiful, the colours are just perfect!
    I would love to see the tutorial!
    Hugs, Alina


  14. gail says

    YES! I would love a tutorial, they look so cute & love how they fold flat. They could be made in advance!
    Thanks, gail


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