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A Tutorial- Flat Fold Gift Boxes

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: For a 3″ x 3″ box

Decorative card stock (sturdy double sided ) cut to 10.5″  x  3  1/8″   (I used Parisian Breeze specialty dp from Stampin’ Up!)

Coordinating card stock (for inner box body) Cut to 6″ x 6″

Strong small magnets (Basic Grey magnetic snaps work well)


IMG_8729 Flat box Tutorial cover folds 30

STEP 1: Score your 10.5″ decorative paper at 1.5″, 4.5″, 6″, and 9″ so it can fold as shown above.

STEP 2: Score your 6″ x 6″ card stock at 1.5″ in on all four sides.

IMG_8725 Flat Box tutorial 3 crease corners 30

STEP 3:   Fold two side in to meet at the middle, as shown above.

STEP 4:  Score the four corners on the diagonal, as shown above.

IMG_8728 Flat box tutorial 4 crease 30

STEP5:  Crease all scored lines well for easy folding.

IMG_8731 Flat box tutorial box and cover adhered30

STEP 6:  With long decorative paper laying flat (the side that you choose as the inside of your box facing up), place and adhere  the inner box on top, lining it up just inside the the bottom edge.  The score lines on both pieces will  line up perfectly.  See photo above.

IMG_8732 flat box tutorial gluing corners 30

STEP 7: Once the two pieces are adhered together, open the folded edges and apply adhesive only to the outer four corners,  as shown above.    Close in the edges again to adhere well.

The magnet should be adhered to the center bottom (between the glued corners).  The other magnet should be adhered to the top center flap.  Sorry, no picture of this, but I think you get the idea.   The top flap magnet is concealed behind the ribbon in the photo below.

IMG_8733 flat box tutorial finish 30

IMG_8738 Flat Box finished pic30IMG_8741 Flattened box 30

You can make 2.5″ x 2.5″ boxes by simply using DP cut to 8 3/4″ x 2 5/8″. Scored at 1 1/4″, 3 3/4″, 5, and 7 1/2″. The inner box piece would be 5″ x 5″. Scored at 1 1/4″ on all four sides.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  I tried to make this as clear and concise as possible.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Have a creative day and see you again soon!!


  1. I’m on my 3rd try, and this time everything lined up just like it’s supposed to! (Your pictures are perfect, I seem to be the problem here..lol) Thank you so much for the tutorial!


  2. Hi Deena,

    this is a very nice box! I thank you for the good guide. Since I published my box on my blog, I linked your guide in the mail.

    Thank you again and best regards from Germany!



  3. Thanks Alice! I love making these boxes, and once you’ve tried it you’ll see how simple it is! Deena x


  4. fabulous little gift box – i ‘ll have to try one too! thanks Deena! bx


  5. I love these little boxes. I make and sell my own jewellery, but find it so hard to get boxes that compliment my style in the right sizes. Love the idea that I can personalize these. I’m going to give this a try today


  6. What a great tutorial! I will have to try to make one soon! Love all the photos…it helps so much! Your box is beautiful! Thanks for sharing how to make this!


  7. Oh Deena, these are amazing, thank you
    so much for sharing them with us.

    Vicki x


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