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Spread the Love Blog Hop!!


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then you are headed in the right direction. Your next stop along the way to spreading the love is

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Just as despair is brought down on one human being by another, hope too can be restored to one, through the love of others.

On October 4th, 4 teenagers armed with knives broke into a home in a small town in New Hampshire. These 4 boys broke into this home with the intent to rob and kill anyone inside. They stabbed Kimberly Cates to death and left her daughter, Jaimie, for dead in the driveway. Jaime’s father was away at the time. It was a completely random act; their home was chosen only due to its secluded surroundings.

This is the horrifying news that was brought to my attention by my blogging friend Ann, last week. I could not sleep that night and found myself actually wishing I had not heard this story of Jaime and her family. I have a very hard time dealing with the emotions that come with hearing of anyone’s pain or suffering especially at the hands of such evil. I felt it deeply. When I thought more about it, I felt even more awful when I realized I wanted to “turn a blind eye” to it.  When Ann first told me about the blog hop that Denise and Erin were planning, my first thought was, how will cards help this girl now?   But of course I realize that it’s not the cards, but the powerful unity of love behind them, that might send Jaime and her father a reminder that hope and love does exist in their suddenly darkened world.   If a blog hop will help do that, then participating is a small yet positive action I can take to help them.

For Jamie w 30

Erin Bailey and Denise Lynn started this blog hop in response to a plea for help from Erin’s long time friend who is also Jaimie Cates’ neighbor.

Erin and Denise hope that everyone hopping around today will stop for a moment and think about Jaimie and her father and what life must be like for them now. One moment in time has changed their lives forever. They are asking that everyone reading this message please take some time to make a card and send it off to Jaimie. Please share some words of hope and love and let her know that people do care and want the best for her.

If you’re wondering what kind of card you should make, here’s a little bit about Jaimie: “Jaimie is not really a girlie girl, but she does like hot pink and black. She likes outdoor activities such as biking, skateboarding, razor rip stick, snowboarding, and karate. As you may have read, she is a black belt in karate.”

Please send your card to the address at the top of this post.

Thanks for joining us in this very special blog hop!!

If you would like to start from the very beginning then go to: Katharina Frei’s Blog

If you have lost your way, or have just heard about this blog hop, head over to for a full list of participating blogs in this hop, as well as all other info for the hop.

I will be giving away a Flourishes Wreaths of All Seasons set, to one randomly selected person who chooses to send a card to Jaime.  Please leave a comment here on this post, and include a link to the card that you intend to send to Jaimie, via Mister Linky below.  The winner will be named on Monday the 9th of November.  This giveaway is now closed.  A winner has been chosen via!

Blog candy

Flourishes is one of my favorite stamp companies, and I wanted to mention that it is due to their generosity that I even have this set to share with you today!  It was sent to me in error, but when I told them of it, they said I could keep it and do what I wished with it!!   I would like to pass it on to one of you, in the same spirit it was given. Thank you Flourishes!!

Well, if you are still with me and reading this, thanks for sticking it out to the end of this very long post!  Thank you too, for helping spread a little love today!!

Your next stop along the way to spreading the love is Kim Teasdale’s blog!


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  1. Oh Deena…I love this card! I love the inspirational message and the dove is a nice touch. She’ll love it!


  2. great card…mines will be on by 3 not long heard about this still in the middle of doing mine hugs nikki xx


  3. helen says

    the cards will be posted today and i want to thank everyone for the compassion that has been generated to help jaimie in her grief


  4. This is just soooo sad and heartbreaking. Jamie and her Dad’s lives changed forever by the senseless and cruel actions of a few. Definitely praying and thinking of them and have just the card in mind for Jamie. I coloured in one of TGF’s girls the other day in pinks and blacks but didn’t have a card in mind……now know its for Jamie. Will put it all together when I get home tonight and will then send it on to her.


  5. Beatiful card – so elegant and her favourite colours too. I’m sure Jaimie will love it.



  6. Beautiful card. I hope Jaimie likes the one I made her. Thank you for sponsering part of thsi hop!


  7. Gorgeous card!

    I’ll send a card to Jaimie, I’ll make it tonight 🙂 Then I post it in your MrLinky.

    Hugs, Susa


  8. Such a beautiful card you have made! Love the image and the tree, the layout is brilliant.

    Take care,



  9. What a stunning card. I love the colours used – I used the same ones lol. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a lovely day, Mette


  10. Hi Deena~~ neat neat card and thanks for paying it forward by your generosity of candy from flourishes. Good deeds are meant for sharing~~ so thank you and Flourishes 🙂
    Mary Lou


  11. Wonderful card! Thank you for allowing us to hop and play for such a great cause. I have a card for this young women and will pray for her and her family.


  12. Beautiful card, love the stamped image, have posted on my blog and will get a card sent out. Take CareX:)


  13. This is such a sad story to hear and leaves awful feelings in us all. I think we can all say that the most powerful of these is the guily we feel that we didn’t want to hear the story. This is always the way with anything that disturbs us and unearths terribly sad and powerful emotions. I too thought ‘what good is a card’ and I too now believe that it is very important to show this child love and hope for the future. To show her that not all the world is bad. I will be making a card tomorrow for Jamie.
    Suzanne x


  14. I’m so sad, Deena, reading this story!
    Your card is wonderful, how sweet of you to use Jaimie’s favourite colours!
    Hugs, Alina


  15. Tracey M says

    I’m sure all these lovely cards will show Jaimie and her father that there are many more good and caring souls than ther are evil


  16. Anonymous says

    Cool that you are doing this Deena, your heart is of pure gold my friend,

    much love, Gigglesxo


  17. postal orphan says

    I love the tree image that you used on your card – it’s so cute! I’ll be putting up the card I’m making later in the week on my blog.


  18. what a great card – love the image!! glad to be part of this hop with everyone and hope the cards are able to help brighten Jaimie’s days/months ahead.


  19. Hello Deena – what a gorgeous card for Jamie, I love that bird – I am so thrilled to part of this amazing expression of love for Jaimie with stampers like yourself! Thank you for ‘Spreading the Love!’ God bless you my friend! {{{hugs}}}


  20. Hi, I am a first-time visitor to your blog and I love your work. Your card for Jaimie is gorgous and I’m sure she will enjoy it. When I read your post about your reaction to this story, I totally identified with it. When I was sent this story by a friend, I actually stopped reading it and couldn’t even go back to it for a couple of days. I tried to block it out, but it completely haunted me. I kept thinking about Jaimie and her family, but also about the perpetrators and what kind of people they could be. It just totally boggles my mind that four kids could get together and do something so incredibly evil. What is wrong with our society that we value human life so little? I don’t have answers, but it continues to trouble my mind. Ultimately, I am glad I came back to the story and got to participate in this blog hop. It gives ME hope as well as the Cates family.



  21. Thank you for doing this, truly a labor of love. Beautiful card with the black and hot pink, hope it will bring a smile to her face. I also as sending Jaimie a card and sending you the link to my blog. Thanks, Jane


  22. Deena – this is so beautiful!!! I know this little girl will love your card too!!! I saw this story on the news and it was so sad and unbelievable…..Hugs ~S~


  23. Thank you ladies for uplifting this little girl! I will be putting my card in the mail today!


  24. Rene Stansell says

    What a sad story,
    I hope all this love beeing sent to Jamie and her father will help them to know there is not all evll out there.
    Rene xo


  25. I love your card she will love it god bless to you all .Its a wonderful thing you all are doing my card is on the way .Hugs Sarah


  26. What a wonderful beautiful card. Jaimie is going to love this card as well as all the others!


  27. Gorgeous card Deena,, I agree that it is the love that goes with these cards that will hopefully give Jaimie,, and her dad,,, some hope ,,,, such a terrible thing to happen to such a young girl ,, my heart goes out to her ,,,

    Lols x x


  28. Peggy Russell says

    Beautiful card! I am so happy that we can all be a part of this Spread the Love campaign!


  29. This is heart wrenching story and I agree with you on how it makes you feel. I am sure they are going to have a hard time. I am saying a prayer for both Jaime and her father. I will send out a card as well. Hugs…


  30. Denise Lynn says

    Beautiful card Deena! Love the colors and the great sentiments! Thanks for helping with our hop today! 🙂


  31. WOW!! What a really fabulous creation!! I especially love the silhouettes in this and the message of hope that it brings! 🙂 And I really love the quote that you’ve put in your post…so very true that we all need to remember!! Thanks for your support! HUGS


  32. I love the card you’ve made – I’m yet to make mine as I’m waiting for my children’s bedtime so I can make it in peace!

    I will be back later & I’ll post a direct link to the card I make Jaimie using Mr Linky.


  33. Being a part of the blog hop, I wanted to hop around and see all the cards the participants made too. This is very nice – Jaimie is really going to be touched!!


  34. jaime says

    Deena- Wonderful card. We all feel that way sometimes! It is as if our hearts break for others and we think it better if we never knew. (trust me I know on this one) But if this is what we can do for this little girl send her one small ray of hope, one small envelope at a time. I think how happy I am when I get a package that I didn’t expect and realize that most people are lifted by such small gestures of giving and love. Glad you are on board! Hugs, Jaime


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