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Baby Girl

This is the card I gave my friend who recently had a baby girl.  I’m so excited because now I will have a little girl to spoil! Heehee.  I can buy some of the sweet frilly outfits I never had a chance to shop for with my own children!  Boys are not nearly as much fun to shop for!!

I haven’t been feeling well this week,  and the mojo’s been suffering too.  I found out yesterday that I have a throat infection and need antibiotics, so I’m hoping that will take care of things!  I was out with fever last night but I hope to be back “on” in a couple of days, once the antibiotics kick in,  but it sure bites being sick! I think it must be the same thing my son had last week, when he missed three days of school.  Well, we all know that Moms just can’t be sick for that long, right!!?

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  1. Deena… so sorry for your throat problem. I noticed you were “too quiet”. I hope you get well really soon. Your card is sooo cute! Oh and thanks for the nice comments about my last card. You’re really sweet.


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