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A Shopping Inspiration Challenge!

A shopping inspired challenge!!

Not long ago we bought a loft bed very similar to the one below for my 6 year old son.  He loves it! For weeks prior to putting it in for him, he would cry that his single bed wasn’t comfortable and that a “high” bed would be so much better!!   Of course this came about shortly after visiting his cousin who has a bunk bed! 🙂

I was looking for twin beds like this for my older son too.  I wish I had known about CSN Stores when I was shopping for his bedroom furniture, because I would have found exactly what I wanted!  They have so much to choose from and they even ship to Canada!

Anyway, I thought it would solve some of our small space issues in his bedroom by giving us some extra floor space.  Of course the first thing he did was bring in more stuff from the play room to fill up his new ‘secret fort’!  HA!

So, as I was up late, and shopping online instead of going to bed, I decided to give myself a challenge to make two more birthday cards: the first using light and bright primary colors like those found in the top bedroom picture, and the second using darker hues and navy blue, as in the second picture!   Want to join me in this challenge? Pick one or try both if you like!  I’ll be back with my results in a few!  Leave  a link with Mister Linky if you decide to join in!

See how easy it is to get inspired?!   😉

Thanks for stopping by!!

Come back soon as I will be having a fabulous GIVEAWAY!!


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  1. I linked my card too Deena! What a fun challenge and two such fabulous bedrooms! Thanks for allowing me to play!! Hugs, Judi


  2. Peggy Elms says

    I linked my card, hope it worked. I just enjoyed playing a challenge with you. It’s been a while. used the bedroom with the primary colours of course, might give the darker ones a try later on.

    Thanks again, peggyxo


  3. peggy elms says

    Sounds like fun Deena, you know you can count me in for a challenge any day! I just love the colours and the kiddy bedrooms!


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