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Naughty Or Nice?

Santa wants to know if you’ve been NAUGHTY or  NICE?!  He’s making a list and checking it twice!

O.k so we’re NOT ALL PERFECT! lol  Some of us will be getting COAL IN OUR STOCKINGS this Christmas!  But it isn’t going to be me!!

Thank you to AUDREY GOODWIN who left this idea in her comment:
“We need something for naughty people. Coal and switches, a little humor. Love your ideas already.”

I really liked the idea of the coal as my Mom always teased us about that when we were kids! I sometimes worried I would find a big black hunk of coal at the bottom of my Christmas stocking!  Luckily, I never did!

AUDREY please select any digital  image you like from my A Creative Need shop and e-mail me your choice.  I will send you the BAG Of Coal image and the image of your choice!  Thanks so much for your fun idea!

I loved ALL your ideas, and I may yet use them too!  I decided that since there were only a few of you that played along, I would like to thank  you by offering each of you the new BAG of COAL image.




IF you could make sure I have your e-mails I will send you the new image!



  1. Claire, I get my ribbons from various places, but I think I may have bought this one from the Flourishes store (may arts brand). I love the crinkled ribbons too and you can find those all over .
    Merry Christmas!


  2. Great idea and a lovely card.

    The bows and ribbons you use to finish the cards Deena are always perfect, where do you get them from?

    Thanks for the image my email is

    Merry Christmas,


  3. Terri / Brat Fleming says

    Good for you Audrey! Great idea!

    Great execution of that idea Deena! I am sure there are lots of people who NEED to be teased with this image! The little note that goes with it is perfect too.

    My email addy (for all to see) is

    Thanks for the image in advance Deena,
    Terri / Brat


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