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Origami Birds

My 7 yr old son asked me to make origami birds with him last night.  He had taken a book out of the library at school with the steps to make it and he was so eager to do so!  So we  set out to folding and 23 folding steps and 30 minutes later, we had these sweet origami birds made!


I am entering this bird in the Crafty Creations Challenge as he is so proud of it! As am I, of him!  He did each step on his own; as he watched me try a fold, he would do the same on his.  I had to read the steps since they were in french.  He is a crafty little guy!!

Here’s mine

and here they are ‘flying’!! 

Ronin would love to hear what you think of these fancy fold origami birds!  

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


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  1. Peggy The nut says

    Origami pro you are Ronin, I know you must have helped your mom on this. 🙂 You guys did so well and I especially love your bird Ronin because it has blue and you know me and blue, it’s my favourite colour. :)Peggy

    P.S. Deena, you know your little bird is also very well done. Good for you two for sharing this fun crafting time together.


  2. claire says

    Ronin – thanks so much for playing along at Crafty Creations – your bird is awesome! I think its a truly amazing fancy fold and am really impressed that you had the patience to create such a wonderful piece – way to go Ronin! Warmest Wishes Claire x


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