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Inspired Artisan: JULIANN of Lotus Blossoms Designs

WELCOME BACK  to another INSPIRED ARTISANS FRIDAY FEATURE!!  Please help me in welcoming Juliann, here to tell us a bit about her craft today!  

 My name is Juliann Thomas and I am an Illustrator and Potter.
I have always loved creating and following my artistic passion has been a fun journey! I studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia and received my BFA in Illustration and Sculpture. After an exciting move to Texas, I began working for a large-scale mural company in Dallas, creating highly-detailed murals for PF Chang’s Restaurants. It was exciting using my Illustrative and Painting skills on such a large scale. After a few years I began my own mural company and continued creating for Restaurants and Private Clients.
Now with the arrival of my little one I am working on altered art to sell at my Etsy shop so I can raise my daughter while continuing to feed my creative side daily!

What handmade product do you to sell on Etsy and what is the name of your shop? 

I sell altered scrapbook gift-wrap, such as journals, greeting cards, storage containers and home decor.  I also sell my wheel-thrown pottery.

The name of my shop is: Lotus Blossoms Designs

Do you sell your work elsewhere?


I sell my ceramics in various juried shows around North Dallas.

Can you share a few of your favourite items here with us?

 This is my most popular design, it’s for back to school and I had such fun creating it! I always love coordinating fun Scrap-booking Ribbons and Embellishments together.
This is my newest favorite altered paint can. It’s so cute for weddings with white and Purple, I love creating unique color combinations in my pieces.
 I love this cute idea of altering small slide tops tins. These fit gift-cards perfectly, I love how they are like little pieces of art.
I have a whole section devoted to pet lovers too! It’s a great treat for me to make fun art pieces for everyone in the family including the dog!
I adore this journal, it was so fun to make and useful too.  Altering useful items that are beautiful and functional is important to me.

Who or what inspires you to create?

I have never been without a pencil or paintbrush in my hand my entire life. I have undergone many major surgeries (including Spinal Surgery twice) over the past few years and I fall to my art as a way to heal my body and mind. It has helped me tremendously to create. My work is always bright, cheery and colorful because I am passionate about life and love to have fun. I lam thrilled when my art is admired for its color saturation and functionality because, I feel that art needs to be functional and serve a purpose in everyday life.

Can you tell us about your creative process?

My creative process is crazy! I love to bounce from one project to another, from painting murals to throwing clay to scrap-booking all in the same few days! I love to move from 2-Dimensional to 3-Dimensional work and back again. I love being painterly and then pulling out my Cri-cut machine to cut tags and letters. I have always wanted to be a fine artist whose work is useful and used by many and I feel that I am achieving that goal.

What advice might you give to other artisans or potential Etsy sellers?

My advice for others wishing to sell on Etsy is to treat your craft or fine art store as a business. Keep in mind that is takes months to get noticed on such a large venue but offer something unique and customers will find you. It is great to sell on Etsy, but it takes time to learn how to create interesting pictures, great descriptions of your work and a one of a kind product. Good luck and do it, you will proud of what you can accomplish!

Where else can we connect with you, Juliann?

Thanks so much for sharing with us today Juliann!!  Best of luck with your shop and creative pursuits!

Have a creative day everyone!!  Deena x 

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  1. Juliann Thomas says

    Thanks so much for featuring me Deena! I love what I do it’s such great stress relief!


  2. Aren’t they great? I agree Alice, it’s hard to pick a favourite, but I do so have a thing for altered journals! lol


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