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Adventure and Discovery

Adventure is such a big word; filled with excitement, mystery and promise.   But not all adventures are large in the scale of our lives…but sometimes the small adventures we take, are the best ones!

I am myself embarking on a new adventure in digital scrapbooking…and it is leading me along wonderful new creative paths.  I believe the key to enjoying life is to try to make new discoveries, however small they may seem, and to follow the road and choose the paths that these discoveries lead you on, to better discover yourself  along the way.

I was inspired to create this page after seeing this week’s CSI Case File #42

I was intrigued by this photo I took in Jamaica of a vintage car, and using an app called Vintique, I aged the photo too for a retro look. I just love the color of this car and It just jumped out at me for this challenge!  I think it really symbolized adventure as I wondered who drove it…and where…over the many years of it’s use.

I blended elements from Cottage Arts Adventure pack, and papers from Angie Young Sassy Studio and Cilenia Curtis cardstock from Scrap Art Studio.  I layered two papers and blended them by adjusting the transparency.   I also added the enlarged text across the background the same way.  The circles, the blades of grass  and mesh button are embellishments blended to suit the overall tone of the page.

The journaling on the left is my own, inspired by the quote on the right.  I’ve used My Memories Suite Software to create this page.

CSI CASE FILE: I used all 5 colors for the Scheme, My Testimony:was inspired by the words small, choices, better
My Evidence: polka dots, circles, grid design, grass

DON’T MISS MY A Creative Need DT CALL!! See this POST for all the info!

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