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Moulin Rouge Art Journal Caravan Page

The First Palace of Women

AJC Life The First Palace of Women I made a Moulin Rouge inspired digital journal page, my third page since I joined the Art Journal Caravan.  We are traveling to FRANCE this month, so of course Paris, and the famous Parisian theaters came to my mind! I’ve used Tangie Baxter’s February AJC parcel papers and embellishments to create this page.

My page is a tribute to the Belle Epoque period; the “beautiful era” of peace and optimism while the arts flourished! Inspired by the AJC prompt: Did you know?…I discovered a few things about the famous Moulin Rouge.  The Moulin Rouge opened to much success in 1889 in the Jardin de Paris, and  it was nicknamed The First Palace of Women by the owners, hence the title to my journal page!  It is best know for being the birthplace of  the seductive modern form of the Cancan dance.  It is still open today and I would love to visit!

I am thrilled to share that my page is one featured in the AJC HIGHLIGHTS OF WEEK 5 on the Studio Tangie Baxter Art Caravan blog!

Thanks for sharing your comments! I always enjoy hearing from you!

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