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Avec Amour Tags

Avec Amour ValentineTags Yellow


Here are a few tags I made using my Eiffel Tower image.  I added one to my husband’s gift on Valentine’s Day; yellow is his favourite color! Avec Amour for those of you who may not know, means With Love.

Hope you’re having a creative day! 



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Thanks for visiting! I have always needed to express my creativity, and I am the happiest when I do so. My blog is a way to challenge myself creatively, keep me motivated and inspired, to explore new ideas, and to share them with others! I feel the need to express myself in new ways...I hope you'll join me!


  1. Hi deena: Always good to see your drawings…I wanted to comment on your posts for a while But i didn’t know how…until, today I saw a little number on top of your photo…this is cool gadget!!!, but where are your “comments”, otherwise? I have to click on the photo?
    thanks for stopping bye in my blog too!!!…
    keep in touch bye bibiana


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