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Creative Blog Hop

Hello creative friends!

I have been asked by Claire from CREATIVE MAKING,  to participate in a  blog hop.  This blog hop is unique in that it is not just among card makers or scrappers but has included writers, illustrators, and other creative genres as well along the way! Claire is a very talented cardmaker, quilt maker, cross stitcher and more!! It was very gracious of her to think of me to participate in this too! Thank you Claire!

Here is a short bio about myself if you are new to my blog…

I am an artist and crafter, traditional and digital painter, avid card maker, and miniaturist, and I am passionate about creating!
I am happily married to my best friend and we have two beautiful boys who try our patience, but also fill our hearts with joy, every day!
I have always loved to draw and I began creating digital stamp images for use in my card making, art journals, and scrapbook designs.  My drawing and painting style is influenced by simple, everyday moments and natural beauty.  I have been selling my digital images for a couple of years now at and Squigglefly.   My life is a creative journey and I have transitioned from traditional drawing and painting, to digital art design and painting, utilizing Photoshop and Corel Painter to create unique instant printable art and cards in my shop at

I’ve been asked to answer a few questions so here goes…

1. What am I working on now?

At the moment I am involved in a few different projects.  First of all I am always drawing/sketching for my digital stamp line A CREATIVE NEED digital stamps and papers.  Most recently I have been designing new digital paper patterns and have just uploaded  a new paper pack in my shop.


A Creative Need Lilacs Preview


Digi Paper Samples Pack 1


I am also painting!  I have done some traditional painting in my past but digital painting has intrigued me for the last few years.  I started out with Adobe Photoshop, but a couple of years ago I discovered an early version of  Corel Painter. I was really excited, but it was just the tip of the iceberg for me…I recently received the newest version of Painter X3 and I’ve been researching and teaching myself the ins and outs of this incredible program! I watch many teaching videos on these software programs and on the art of digital painting.   Aaron Rutten ,  Skip Allen and Karen Bonnaker are very talented artists and have great teaching videos and workshops.  I am always researching, looking for inspiration and painting as much as I can and as time allows!  I have much to learn!

I painted this ‘Ocean Overlook’ referencing a photo that I took in Mexico, and using some techniques that Aaron Rutten teaches using oil paints in Corel Painter X3.

Ocean Overlook preview

Digital painting and designing has also led me to discover surface pattern design and illustration in a new way and I am so inspired by the many talented illustrators that are out there!  My go to inspiration sites for colour, pattern and design are PRINT AND PATTERN, SPOONFLOWER, and LILLA ROGERS.


This is one of my Kitchen Art Prints…

ACN Lemon Kitchen Art Print Preview

2.How does my work differ from others in my genre?

This is an interesting question.  I found that over the course of many years of card making, I was most often inclined to make CAS (clean and simple) cards usually with an artistic rather than whimsical style.  When I started designing digital stamps, mostly for my own use, I was a little worried that my drawings were not what card makers and scrappers were looking for.   I love to draw in a classic style;  my sketching techniques often result in a slightly vintage look.  I enjoy creating simple, classic, realistic images and I’m not likely to produce a lot of doodled or whimsical style drawings which seem to dominate the world of digital stamps.  I soon realized that I am not the only crafter drawn to a classic, clean style and there is a place for my unique images in the crafting world!

CAS Country Heart Chair w 60

I think that  my ‘style’ changes as I explore new creative ideas.  As an artist I hate to feel restricted to any one style as the very nature of creativity is to be curious and venture into the unknown… but with that said, I do think, and have been told, that I have an underlying style that is maintained throughout my work.  I am inspired by nature, and simple and classic beauty, and always aspire to create with an attention to detail, design and colour.

ACN With Heartfelt Sympathy Card Preview

3. Why do I create what I do?

I am passionate about creating!  I love designing greeting cards, digital paper patterns and art.  When I discover something wonderful, I have to share it!  I have created many tutorials to share my paper craft ideas and card making techniques.  I merged my love of drawing with my desire for original digital images by digitizing my own pencil sketches. I follow my artistic creative curiosity and when I find I am inspired, when it speaks to my heart, I create!    Creativity is as natural and necessary as breathing, and full-fills an essential need to my well being.  I simply have to create something EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

4.How does my creative process work?

I draw in my sketchbook once or twice a week.  I will usually draw several images in one sitting; it’s like I’m riding a wave of  creativity and I just have to hang on until I reach the shore!  I choose music to suit my creative mood and it keeps me focused and relaxed for hours.  Once I have the images that I am happy with, I will move on to the next stage of scanning them into my computer.  I refine the images, cleaning up the backgrounds and lines, creating high quality .png and .jpg files, and preview photos for my blog and shop,  using photoshop and/or Corel Painter,  and test printing them before they are ready to use and sell as digital stamps.  This will usually take another day or two of work.

Several hours a week I will spend designing greeting cards, patterns and illustrations directly on my computer.  This involves drawing and painting using a Wacom tablet  in Corel Painter X3, and Adobe Photoshop.

At other times when I feel a creative block coming on,  I try to shake up my style and  just ‘play’!  I take myself too seriously by times, and need to remind myself to loosen up and have fun with my designs.  So I do.  I toss around ideas by splashing colours and designing random patterns and sometimes I end up with something really wonderful, and sometimes I just end up with a jumble of stuff that I trash.  It’s not wasted time though as it is all a learning process for me.  I take something away from it even if it’s simply a reminder that I should stick to what I’m good at! 🙂 But seriously, I do learn from my mistakes!  And it’s a great way to explore and evolve my style.

Summer hours are harder to come by as I spend a lot of my time busy with my boys as they are home from school.  But I am disciplined enough to set aside a few hours a day (or late at night), when they are happily occupied with friends (or sleeping),  to get creative!   I really need that to balance out everything else!  Of course I do take days off  too…on those days I will find some time to re inspire myself by taking a nature walk  with my boys or peruse my favourite books and magazines for some creative eye candy!

Thank you for staying with me this far!   Please hang in there with me for just a little more as I would like to introduce you to some bloggers that I asked to join in this hop too…

Please visit BIBIANA at Stamping with Bibiana…to see how she has answered these questions next Monday!   I chose Bibiana as I think she is a truly talented and creative blogger! Not only does she make incredibly beautiful and very detailed cards, she also designs and shares her Memory Box project tutorials in French, English and Spanish!  Bibiana is also a tutorial guest writer for SPLITCOASTSTAMPERS !  I am in awe of all she has accomplished and you will be too!

In her own words…

Hi, my name is Bibiana , I am from South America, Colombia, but I consider myself as well a little bit Mexican, French and American since I have lived for several years in these 3 last countries. My current home is in the sunny state of California in the USA.

Although, my formal training is in languages, (I teach French and Spanish), I love to decorate, I have several hobbies (collecting nativities from around the world is one of them) and my various collections grow day by day…but certainly the one that has taken mayor stage is the one of rubber stamping.
Not long after I started “collecting” rubber stamps and all what it comes with this hobby, I began teaching card making and the urge to share this passion, with a wider audience besides my students, became more present and my personal Blog “Stamping with Bibiana” came to life… followed by my video tutorials shared at my YouTube channel, under the same name. You can discover as well, some of my passions through my boards inPinterest .
I currently design for “Lost Coast Designs”, for “Lavinia Stamps” and for “Memory Box, where I am also the coordinator for their International blogs:the Spanish one: “A crear se dijo!” and the French one: “Un Brin de Créativité”. And lastly, I am thrilled and very grateful to be able to participate as well as “Guest Designer” at various sites.

I have also asked LARISSA to join in next Monday so please visit her blog at MUFFINS AND LACE.  Larissa is a talented card maker, and one of the lovely and extremely valued team members of A Creative Need Craft Challenge!

In her own words…

My name is Larissa. I live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country with my husband and 2 fur-babies. “Dolce” a 3-year-old 5 lb Morkie and “Vino” a 130 lb 2-year-old German Shepherd. Yes they love each other.
We have a 23-year-old daughter. She has been dancing since right before her 2nd birthday. She danced her whole life and became a dance instructor 2 years ago. She has a passion for dancing and teaching others.
I am currently going to school to finish my Graphic Design Degree. I am hoping to be finished in a few months.
I am truly Blessed to be a stay at home wife.
I was introduced to scrapbooking over 10 years ago. I scrapbooked pictures for almost a year until I found rubber stamps. My addiction began and I started making cards. Over the last 3 years I have been cardmaking and finding other crafty things I can do with rubber stamps. Just recently I went live with my own website and opened my Etsy store.
Once my daughter (who I LOVE to the Moon and Back) moved out I took over her room as my studio and from the “idea” of my husband took over our 3rd bedroom as a supply room. Did I already mention how truly blessed I am to be a stay at home wife?

Thank you for stopping by and have a very creative day!!

Deena x 


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  2. Thanks so much Cindy! I appreciate the link and will stop by your blog to see your CBH post.


  3. Hi Deena!! Thanks for sharing your creative process with us. I love your original style! A heads up, I am putting a link to you in my own CBH post as I am short of taggees. I hope you don’t mind and that it gets you some new visitors. Regards Cindy


  4. Thank you so much for your kind words…they touch my creative soul and give me inspiration to continue sharing what I do…it’s not always easy to put oneself ‘out there’ and it’s with the encouragement and kindness of others that I find the courage to do so! I am so looking forward to seeing next Monday’s creative blog hop posts!


  5. hello Deena:
    thanks for sharing this wonderful stories, this is a real nice hop because I get to know you better…what an artist you are… the palm painting is wonderful…and definitely you master the Art of CAS, which can be so difficult to achieve. I love your sketches /drawings in black and white, well you know that !!…TFS once more and for inviting me to this hop…I will be at the rendez-vous next monday!!!
    hugs bibiana


  6. Wow Deena – I do not know how you keep up with everything – I think your art work is lovely and you did a nice job on this posting as well – have a blessed day -you are one creative lady!


  7. Thank you so much Claire! Your comment means so much to me and i am so happy you asked me to join in this hop! 🙂


  8. Hi deena , so pleased you agreed to continue with the hop as I have just enjoyed reading through your answers. Blogging was made for creative people like yourself, immensely talented and incredibly articulate.
    Thank you


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