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New Watercolor Digital Art and Sale on Throw Pillows

Hello friends,  I wanted to share with you my new impressionist watercolor design done completely with my digital paintbrush in Corel Painter!  I am fascinated with the blending of digital and traditional art.  I love painting and I enjoy the freedom of having more options and less mess with the digital paints and brushes that are now at my fingertips.  I only use the brushes that have a traditional feel and function as closely to traditional mediums as possible to get the more natural look that I am after.  I do not use special effects or alter my art in any way.  I simply use my wacom tablet and stylus as my brush and the Corel Painter workspace as my canvas.  I even have the option to mix my paint colors on a palette! I always start with a clean white canvas and build my layers from there.   I am feeling very inspired, so keep your eyes open for more like this!

I am loving these colors too…what do you think?

Silent Moments Art Print


Also, I wanted to let you all know that for a limited time, all my artfully made THROW PILLOWS are on sale now at Society6! $6.00 OFF and FREE SHIPPING. Just follow this link to get the promo:

The sale includes my newest art designs!

Grey Morning throw pillow impressionist Wild Flowers throw pillow Laura's Garden throw pillow Silent Moments throw pillow

Thanks so much for stopping by!  You know I love your company! 

Deena x 

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