Month: January 2015

A Little Somethin’ Tutorial for Valentine Treat Boxes!

Originally posted on A Creative Need:
These sweet boxes were inspired by the tiny chocolate boxes featured on SCS.   I love these little 2″square by 1″ deep boxes.  They are  just so perfect for a small treat!  With Valentine’s just around the corner, they will come in handy for those sweet surprises. Beate included a tutorial for these boxes on SCS, and it is great!   But I have to admit something.  I am always looking for alternate ways to do things.  I am a hands on “tinkerer”. Usually I will only glance through a tutorial, mostly at the pictures, then start playing with my papers, measuring and scoring until I have something that works for me. Usually a simplified version of the original.   I rarely actually follow the directions.  (hey, it works for me!)  It’s a lot like a cook who never follows a recipe, but instead adds or leaves out ingredients at their discretion. (which I also do)   So, with that said; I modified how I made these boxes, even though…

Mid Month Challenge Inspiration!

It’s not too late to join in our January CHALLENGE! This month’s challenge is CELEBRATE SOMETHING NEW – Let’s celebrate newly-weds, new babies, new homes etc.!!  I love what I’m seeing so far!! Keep them coming creative friends! Gloria has created a lovely heart to frame her chosen image “Just Married“!  What a lovely greeting for the lucky Newlyweds! Thanks for stopping by! Have a creative day! Deena x

The Art of being an Apprentice: My Letter to Vincent Van Gogh

Dear Vincent,  thank you for the great pleasure of becoming your apprentice!  I hope I do not disappoint you with my humble but sincere efforts at learning from my limited but enthusiastic view of your life’s work.  Though I think you would be happy to know that I am learning to silence the negative voices… “If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.” Vincent Van Gogh I regret that you will never know how much you have inspired me, and that you will never know that I am but one drop in an ocean of inspired, admiring souls! “If I am worth anything later, I am worth something now. For wheat is wheat, even if people think it is a grass in the beginning.” Vincent Van Gogh “…But, the sunflower is mine, in a way.” ― Vincent van Gogh Yes, Vincent, the sunflowers are most certainly yours! It makes my heart smile to think that your lovely sunflowers have become near synonymous with your name! It is with no mild timidity that …

New Freebie for YOU!

Here’s a new FREEBIE for you!  I hope you will find some use for these little shoes…they could be used for our challenge this month: Something New! Baby Girl Shoes Just click on the image to get the safe download from and be sure to have a look at this month’s CHALLENGE! You can use the current freebie OR any other image and enter to win more ACN images!! My images are available at  A CREATIVE NEED ETSY,  and  SQUIGGLEFLY Check back here every month for your freebie! Sign up on to ‘follow me’ (see sidebar)by e-mail so you don’t miss out on any!

January Challenge Inspiration

It’s time for our January CHALLENGE! This month’s challenge is CELEBRATE SOMETHING NEW! Let’s celebrate newly-weds, new babies, new homes etc.!! Wow! You brought us lots of Snow entries last month! Thank you!! The WINNER  of our December CHALLENGE is Rachelle G!! Congratulations Rachelle , please e-mail me at with your 2 Image choices from my  A Creative Need SHOP! Now for some inspiration from the creative ACN team!! Kitt has used “His and Hers Towels” to make this wonderful dimensional pop out card! Merlina created this little gem! Peggy is congratulating friends on their new home! Larissa has used ACN’s “Just Married” image to create this sweetheart of a card! and I’ve joined in this month with a water coloured square card using “Just Married” .  I hope you’ll join us with your own creations celebrating SOMETHING NEW!  Until then…have fun crafting! Deena x

What Vincent Van Gogh is teaching me…

I am currently taking a course called Studying Under the Masters: Portraits and Self Portraits offered on Jeanne Oliver’s network site .  Last year I took the first Studying under the Masters: becoming an apprentice.  I highly recommend any of the courses offered there.  Try one of the free workshops and see for yourself.  CREATIVITY TAKES COURAGE  is a great place to start.  It is a free series of interviews with creative men and women with inspiring information to share.  Two of my personal favourites are Jane Davenport, and Kelly Barton.  I love how casual the conversations are…er, I mean,.. interviews.  🙂 So, I am learning a lot about Vincent Van Gogh right now.  What a unique man he was! I am reading Vincent Van Gogh : The Life, and finding it utterly fascinating.  I never really appreciated his art until last year.  Now I am immersed in it and can’t get enough!  It’s sort of like seeing a photo of a person and thinking, ‘hmm, interesting looking’ and moving on. Then, you meet that person and their personality just lights them up, and …

I heART Journal ART!

If you want some great tutorials and creative inspiration for your art journals check out heART  journal magazine, a bimonthly digital magazine! Sample a FREE issue HERE.   Jeanne Oliver shares a mixed media art journal tutorial in the newest edition! I’m sooo loving it! Pssst… If you want her issue go sneak a peek at her BLOG to find a special code to get it free too!

Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network

One of my extremely happy creative moments of 2014 was when I discovered JEANNE OLIVER‘s  network.  If you haven’t heard of her or her creative network, let me have the pleasure of introducing you! Jeanne is an artist, a jewelry and clothing designer, and a stay at home Mom. She is extremely generous in sharing her many gifts, and lucky for us, one of  her gifts is a true talent for teaching!  I do not know her personally, but I am certain I would love her if I did.  She is so candid, natural and sincere.  Just watch any one of her videos and you’ll see this.   Take a look at her blog <HERE>. Her creative network is a place that provides online art, creative business, and home workshops. Many are free, and those that aren’t are very reasonably priced.  She has successfully brought together artists of all kinds, to teach, share, connect and learn together.  Art Workshops range from watercolor studies, sketch art, mixed media, to fine art painting! I have taken a few of these workshops over the past year: STUDYING …