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Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network

One of my extremely happy creative moments of 2014 was when I discovered JEANNE OLIVER‘s  network.  If you haven’t heard of her or her creative network, let me have the pleasure of introducing you!

Jeanne is an artist, a jewelry and clothing designer, and a stay at home Mom. She is extremely generous in sharing her many gifts, and lucky for us, one of  her gifts is a true talent for teaching!  I do not know her personally, but I am certain I would love her if I did.  She is so candid, natural and sincere.  Just watch any one of her videos and you’ll see this.   Take a look at her blog <HERE>.

Her creative network is a place that provides online art, creative business, and home workshops. Many are free, and those that aren’t are very reasonably priced.  She has successfully brought together artists of all kinds, to teach, share, connect and learn together.  Art Workshops range from watercolor studies, sketch art, mixed media, to fine art painting! I have taken a few of these workshops over the past year: STUDYING UNDER THE MASTERS-becoming an apprentice, CREATIVE GIRL-land of light and shadows with Danielle Donaldson, and SOUL.FULL with Kelly Barton.  They were all chock full of information, artistic inspiration, and beautifully presented.  I have learned so much and intend to keep on practising what I’ve learned and applying it all to my own style of art.

This is one of my paintings that resulted from “Studying under the Masters”…

Hopper’s House (my version of  Ryder’s House by Edward Hopper 1933)

Hopper house resized

Ryder’s House- Edward Hopper 1933

Hopper.Ryder's House.1933

Take a moment, or two, or three 🙂  to spend in Jeanne’s network and see for yourself what wonderful offerings there are!

Thank you for stopping by today!

 Deena x

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