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What Vincent Van Gogh is teaching me…

I am currently taking a course called Studying Under the Masters: Portraits and Self Portraits offered on Jeanne Oliver’s network site .  Last year I took the first Studying under the Masters: becoming an apprentice.  I highly recommend any of the courses offered there.  Try one of the free workshops and see for yourself.  CREATIVITY TAKES COURAGE  is a great place to start.  It is a free series of interviews with creative men and women with inspiring information to share.  Two of my personal favourites are Jane Davenport, and Kelly Barton.  I love how casual the conversations are…er, I mean,.. interviews.  🙂

So, I am learning a lot about Vincent Van Gogh right now.  What a unique man he was! I am reading Vincent Van Gogh : The Life, and finding it utterly fascinating.  I never really appreciated his art until last year.  Now I am immersed in it and can’t get enough!  It’s sort of like seeing a photo of a person and thinking, ‘hmm, interesting looking’ and moving on. Then, you meet that person and their personality just lights them up, and bam! you think ‘hmmmmm, this person is incredibly complex and fascinating!’

I am looking at his art in a whole new way and it’s partially because I am trying to copy his work. I am learning how he made his marks.  And by so doing, I feel like I am getting to know him. The process is incredible.  Our friendship is growing; although it may be a bit one sided! 🙂  He may find me to be a bit of a nuisance really; retracing his steps, trying to copy his work! Oh, and I may have taken a peek at some of his private letters to his brother Theo… I’m rather nosy aren’t I?!

This is a sketch I made after a study of  his finished painting below.

Woman Grinding Coffee

Woman-Grinding-Coffee Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh- pen, pencil, watercolor, and white chalk

What I find truly remarkable is how he creates a rythm and movement in his paintings with every purposeful mark and stroke of his pen or brush!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I would enjoy reading what you are up to as well, so stay and chat a while! Questions, comments, and constructive criticism are welcome!

~Deena x

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