Month: March 2015

Taking on the World Illustration Watercolor

  I’ve been taking Danielle Donaldson’s new workshop on Jeanne Oliver’s network.  It’s really wonderfully inspiring to see Danielle work and learn some of her techniques!  I’ve been practising character building, and embracing my water colors which I love! After a few evenings of developing characters and finding my own style of character, (long neck, squiggle and dot sketching, wild hair and v shaped line drawn legs) was what seemed to emerge more often than not! I water colored a background around this little lady and was thrilled to see how she just seemed to come to life! I feel like she is ready to travel the world and take on whatever comes her way.

Character Building Excercises

I have a confession to make…I have a hard time letting go, loosening up, relaxing my control over things.  I don’t need to be in control of everything,  in fact I often like to give up control to others simply so I won’t have to folow my own rigid rules! But the things that I am in control of usually need to follow my self appointed rules and regulations.  I put a lot of pressure on myself. I often place unreasonable expectations and unnecessary limitations on how I do things. Unfortunately, it can be paralyzing.  I am working on it. Really. So, with my art work, I have held myself back in many ways because of this mysterious  list of ‘rules’ that I’ve created.  Anyone else feel like this?  Where did all these rules come from?  They have accumulated as my life has moved along, and I didn’t realize how demanding they had become. I want , no, need to break some rules! I want to unlock  the art that I see in my mind and allow …

February Challenge Winner

WINNER OF the FEBRUARY CHALLENGE!  LOVE AND DESIRE…What FILLS YOUR HEART? Thank you for all of your entries!! The WINNER of our FEBRUARY Challenge is: LISA from Congratulations!!  Please choose your 2 images from my SHOP and send me an e-mail at with your choices!  **There will be no March challenge, but we will be back with a new challenge for APRIL!!