Year: 2016

Art Practice

Apprenticing with Rosetti… My Beatrice study – a practice in shading, blending and shadowing, painted on my IPad using the Procreate painting app and my Apple Pencil. I was recently inspired to paint this after the passing of my sweet grandmother, who shares the name of Beatrice. Dante Gabrielle Rosetti – May 12 1828 – April 9 1882 A stanza of ¬†Rosetti’s poem “The Portrait” This is her picture as she was: It seems a thing to wonder on, As though mine image in the glass Should tarry when myself am gone. I gaze until she seems to stir,– Until mine eyes almost aver That now, even now, the sweet lips part To breathe the words of the sweet heart:– And yet the earth is over her. –Dante Gabriel Rosetti¬†