Year: 2020

Portrait of a Poet

Practice portrait study – Emily Dickinson with charcoal in Procreate inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poetry. Everything is the same except composition and as the composition is different and always going to be different everything is not the same. -Gertrude Stein Forever – is Composed of Nows- -Emily Dickinson The only authenticated likeness of Emily Dickinson can be viewed on the Emily Dickinson Museum page. My favourite resource for Emily Dickinson poems is High resolution images of her surviving handwritten poems can be found there! If you want to read and discuss her poetry or discover other amazing poetry, from Emily Dickinson to present day poets, I highly recommend Modern and Contemporary American Poetry (ModPo). It is the most incredible, unique and educational online poetry course I’ve ever completed, (and gone back to over and over again) and it’s free! It’s not just a course, it’s a community. If you enjoy poetry at any level, check it out for yourself, and you’ll soon know what I mean.

Free Digital Bunny Colouring Page

Hello friends! Trying to keep a little one happy and occupied during this time is not always easy, but don’t panic, there are many wonderful resources out there! One of my favourites for all ages is National Geographic. Take a look, they’ve curated a page of links to project based resources for K-12 kids and adults young at heart! I saw a darling bunny poking around in our backyard a few days ago and I was inspired! Spring is coming folks, and sunnier days ahead, so stay strong, positive and looking forward. I created a little bunny image that I hope you’ll agree is cute, cute cute! I’m offering it as a free download for your children to colour. Please feel free to download and print one or several…play is good for our health and happiness! Pass it on! 8×8 Bunny Colouring Page