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Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network

One of my extremely happy creative moments of 2014 was when I discovered JEANNE OLIVER‘s  network.  If you haven’t heard of her or her creative network, let me have the pleasure of introducing you! Jeanne is an artist, a jewelry and clothing designer, and a stay at home Mom. She is extremely generous in sharing her many gifts, and lucky for us, one of  her gifts is a true talent for teaching!  I do not know her personally, but I am certain I would love her if I did.  She is so candid, natural and sincere.  Just watch any one of her videos and you’ll see this.   Take a look at her blog <HERE>. Her creative network is a place that provides online art, creative business, and home workshops. Many are free, and those that aren’t are very reasonably priced.  She has successfully brought together artists of all kinds, to teach, share, connect and learn together.  Art Workshops range from watercolor studies, sketch art, mixed media, to fine art painting! I have taken a few of these workshops over the past year: STUDYING …

You are Among the Flowers

Welcome to all my new blog followers! Wow! I’ve just reached over 500 e-mail followers and I am grateful to each and every one of you for your support and interest in what I do!  Everything you see here on my blog is done out of my love of art and passion for creativity!  I hope that what you see and read will inspire you to get creative too.  If I can help you in any way, please feel free to start a conversation with me here anytime, or if you like, e-mail me with your questions.  I will answer them as best I can! I am always happy to pass on what I learn.  Creativity is about sharing and I want to support you in your creative journey too! Blessings to all of you beautiful creative souls! Thank you for stopping by! I always enjoy your company! Deena x

New Watercolor Digital Art and Sale on Throw Pillows

Hello friends,  I wanted to share with you my new impressionist watercolor design done completely with my digital paintbrush in Corel Painter!  I am fascinated with the blending of digital and traditional art.  I love painting and I enjoy the freedom of having more options and less mess with the digital paints and brushes that are now at my fingertips.  I only use the brushes that have a traditional feel and function as closely to traditional mediums as possible to get the more natural look that I am after.  I do not use special effects or alter my art in any way.  I simply use my wacom tablet and stylus as my brush and the Corel Painter workspace as my canvas.  I even have the option to mix my paint colors on a palette! I always start with a clean white canvas and build my layers from there.   I am feeling very inspired, so keep your eyes open for more like this! I am loving these colors too…what do you think?   Also, I wanted to let you …

Mini Mushroom Village Card Set

Hello! I’m back from an all too short vacation! But,  I’ve missed you all!! 🙂 I do have an exciting announcement to make… I am now making some of my prints and patterns available on different products at Society6!  I’m super nervous about this but I’ve taken the plunge! My MINI MUSHROOM VILLAGE cards are now available as sets of 3, 5 or 10 at SOCIETY6!  They will be printed and shipped to your door! You can see more of what I have in store at Society6 HERE.  Let me know what you think…I’m being very selective as to what I will make available there so you will not see the same things as in my ACNPrintable Art Etsy shop.  Let me know if you are looking for a particular pattern or image for a product and I’ll see what I can do.   Thank you!  Your feedback, comments and support are so very much appreciated.

Sweet Elephant Mixed Media

I’ve been using my baby elephant digital image  in different ways, and here is the latest result….a mixed media print. I painted and distressed a background in blue, teal and oatmeal  to create my paper…   added in my blue bird and stencil stenciled in my elephant using a digital stencil I created from my original drawing… then I painted in some of my long stem florals that you may have seen used a few weeks back in my  Long Stem Floral Digital Paper Pack. I gave a print of this to my friend’s 3 year old daughter who just loved it!  I’m quite sure the next time I go over it will be up on her bedroom wall and she will take me by hand to see it! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and have a creative day! Deena

Watercolour Illustrtation~Mini Mushroom Village

I’m so excited to share this illustration today! This creative piece just makes me happy! It just puts a smile on my face!  I really enjoyed the process of creating it, and now it holds a special place in my heart. This digital watercolour was inspired by Danielle Donaldson‘s workshop CREATIVE GIRL: LAND OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS .  Danielle works with traditional media, and creates her beautiful art in pencil, watercolour, acrylics and papers. I have been practising my digital painting techniques and was really excited about creating a ‘mixed media’ piece in a completely digital format. I approach a digital piece much the same as I do a traditional piece.  I start with a white canvas and build my paint up in layers. Here are a few photos of my process… I painted in watercolours for the background with different brush work, and then sketched in my mushroom houses in pencil.  I painted with more watercolours and white acrylic on the next two layers… …finishing my illustration with pen and white liquid ink. (All Digital) …