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Inspired Artisans: Katy of AllYouDesign

Hi everyone!  I would like to introduce you to a guest blogger today! Katy from AllYouDesign is here!!  Katy is the first of my INSPIRED ARTISANS Series of interviews!

Join me here every Friday and we will get a peek into the life and work of a fellow artisan! I am really excited about this so let’s see what Katy has to say…

Tell us a little about yourself… 
My name is Katy, I live, work and play in Montreal, Quebec where I live with my fiancée, Ig.  We will be tying the knot in six weeks on my parent’s farm in Ontario.  (So excited!)  I have spent over a decade working in design and print, but I only started selling on etsy three months ago.  It sounds silly, I have been shopping on etsy for years, but it just never occurred to me to sell there as well.  I’m so glad that I did!

What handmade product do you to sell on Etsy and what is the name of your shop?
Do you sell your work elsewhere?

My shop is All You Design ( ) and I sell custom wedding invitations, RSVPs and other printed wedding goods.  While I work at a print shop, I don’t offer my freelance design work there.  My designs are currently only available through etsy.

Can you share a few of your favourite items here with us?

Two of my favourite invitation sets are the “Block Text” and the “Girl met Girl”.  We actually ended up using a variation on the block text design as our own wedding invitations!  And I’ve gotten such positive responses to my girl met girl design, it seems I accidentally tapped into a need I didn’t even know was there.

Who or what inspires you to create? 
This sounds horrible, but my honest answer is my upcoming wedding!  My fiancée is an industrial designer, so creating something for our invitations that we both loved was tricky and time consuming.  A lot of my current designs came out of brainstorming for my own wedding.  I realized that a lot of soon to be married couples out there have some brilliant ideas for their own invitations, but may not have the technical skills to make it happen.  That’s where I come in.

Can you describe your creative process?
When working with a client, we generally start with one of my designs and modify from there.  I genuinely love the process of building the perfect invitations.  Clients choose colours, fonts and the text for the invitations, and I am thrilled to accommodate special requests.  I don’t limit the number of proofs, which separates me from other custom design artists.  I want my clients to be perfectly thrilled with the end result; I want them to love their invitations.  I print every order myself at the print shop, which means I am able to maintain quality control at every stage.

What advice might you give to other artisans or potential etsy sellers?

It’s more work than you think, but in a way I hadn’t expected.  I really thought I could just set up a shop, list some items and clients would find me.  Reeeeeally doesn’t work that way.  I learned quickly to be involved in teams, forums and creating treasuries.  I spend more time on etsy connecting with other sellers and building treasuries than I do designing.  But the strange thing is, I kinda like it.  There really is a strong community spirit to etsy, I genuinely feel supported by other sellers and there is not really a sense of competition between vendors.  It’s really conducive to creativity and openness.

Where else can we connect with you? 

I am on facebook ( ), although I am not really sure what to do with that.  The best way to reach me is directly through etsy.

Thank you for sharing with us today Katy, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! 

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  1. Karoline says

    Very fun idea Deena! Thank you for introducing us to other artisan!


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