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My Heartfelt Sympathy

“Find your eternity in each moment…”- Henry David Thoreau

Sadly, this week I find myself in need of sending not only one, but two sympathy cards.   I am reminded that our lives are fragile, that we are not meant to be here ‘forever’, and that we should live each day in appreciation of what it has to offer. We should be ever present, because we will always find, no matter what our age, that yearning for our past or looking always to our future, will only result in our missing the actual moment of our living.

My Brother in Law’s Father passed away at 98 years old.   We tell ourselves that he lived a good, long life…surely dying in your own bed at that age is not such a bad thing….lucky to have been still in his own home and living on his own terms.  But the sad truth is that no matter what age he was, for those he leaves behind, it is no less sad or difficult  to have to say goodbye, and to accept that he is with them no more.

Our other loss this week is that of a 12 year old child.  A young boy in the foster care of my Sister in Law’s family.  He had many physical and mental challenges, did not speak, and could only express himself  to a certain extent by a few other means, but when he smiled, it melted your heart!  I had the occasion to see him three times in the last year that he has been in their care, and each time he did something that touched my heart.  His incredible smile was the first.   The second was when he came to me and sat on my knee – a rare moment of human contact for him at the time- and a special moment for me.  The third, was his keen awareness and wonderment of his present surroundings and obvious appreciation of them.  As my Sister in Law would say…”he drinks in the world around him!”   In 11 short months he stole the hearts of many!  He passed away in his sleep, in a home where he had become a member of a loving family. Even knowing that he had lived longer than most expected him too, considering his situation, it is still so hard to accept his passing.  The loss of a life short lived.  He was loved, and will be missed.

Living in the present moment creates the experience of eternity. Deepak Chopra

ACN With Heartfelt Sympathy Card Preview


Original Watercolor Snowdrop Sympathy Card 

Experience every moment for the gift that it is.

Deena x

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  1. Love your card, but mostly your thoughts and insight. I just found out a good friend is now in hospice, unable to overcome the cancer that quickly overtook her body. Thank you for the beautiful, serene card design…and words to treasure and live by.


  2. Yes Deena, I agree, all loses are very Sadat and very hard to overcome… I always feel there are never enough words to console the ones left behind… Your two great quotes, express a profound TRUE, we need to be reminded more often… A very soothing and serene card Deena, absolutely beautiful..
    Lots of love.


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